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2006, 三月 20

Quotes from Jason Fried of 37signals

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Creating Passionate Users 讀到 Highlight quotes from SXSW
其中有幾段 Jason Fried 在 SXSW keynote 說的話,挺有趣! :p

Not everything needs a software solution.
Sometimes the human brain is the solution.
I can capitalize my own words and decide when something is a bullet point.

Learn to do the development yourself.
You’ll be forced to build something simple because you don’t know how to do the complex stuff.

Hire curious people.
Even if they don’t have the exact skill set you want, curious, passionate people can learn anything.

Make it up as you go along.
You’re in a much better place to make a decision when you’re in it, than when you’re planning.

When questioned about whether the ‘no-planning’ notion was a nice utopian vision,
but not practical in larger development worlds:
I think it is MORE utopian to think you can plan everything in advance."

“We don’t use functional specs… we use stories."

我想,我大概知道最近想投 resume 時應該怎麼略過沒有專業技能這項事實! -.- :ppp


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