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2006, 十月 1

TED Talks

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  • Malcom Gladwell:〈Blink 決斷兩秒間〉作者
  • Steven Levitt:〈蘋果橘子經濟學〉 作者
  • Mena Trott: Six Apart founder
  • Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia founder
  • Nicholas Negroponte: MIT Media Lab founder
  • Jeff Han: NYU 搞 touch-driven computer screen 的傢伙
  • David Pogue: 常看他的 NYT 專欄

在 Google Video 看到的 Ross Lovegrove – Organic Design (WordPress.com 只能 embedded GoogleVideo 和 YouTube 的影片啊…)

Ross Lovegrove is an industrial designer, best known for his work on the Sony Walkman and Apple iMac. In this highly visual presentation, he presents his recent work—from furniture to water bottles—which is organic in form and inspired by nature. (Recorded February 2005 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 20:14)

以及超有趣的 ZeFrank

Ze Frank rose to Internet fame in 2001 with his viral video “How to Dance Properly," and has been a purveyor of imaginative online comedy ever since. (Recorded February 2004 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 19:42)

另外,也因為 TED Talks 偶然發現其實 Malcom Gladwell 也算是個講故事的高手! :P
(所以剛剛那篇 WordPress Odeo Support 才會用他在 ITC 的資料測試 :p)
在 GoogleVideo, YouTube 找不到他在 TED Talks 的那段,以下是他在 SxSW 的 Keynote

在我發現 TED Talks 的片段是以 Creative Commons 授權之後,我就把 Malcom Gladwell 那段下載下來上傳到 Google Video 囉…:P

Malcolm Gladwell is a staff writer for The New Yorker, and best-selling author ofThe Tipping Point and Blink. In this talk, filmed at TED2004, he explains what every business can learn from spaghetti sauce. (Recorded February 2004 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 18:15)


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